Friday, 29 July 2011

Disdain for my 'read classic novels in easy readers' plan

My time saving reading plan which I mentioned in a blog post in May is continuing but I have not had any positive feedback whatsoever. The plan was to read classic novels but the 'easy reader versions' as there is not enough time to read all the books I would like to read. I would continue to read other books as usual which would include some classics as well as a wide variety of other genres.
However no-one that I have mentioned this to has had a good a good word to say for it - it has been greeted by blank looks, quizzical stares, guffaws - from colleagues to friends to family. It has brought out the self-righteous comments and logical objections "It's just not the same", "You're not actually reading the proper book", "Why would you do that - it's not the correct language or words". I agree with their comments to some extent - I'm not claiming that I have read the complete works of Jane Austen or every word of Dickens - but I have read the story which is no bad thing.
So I'm carrying on - this morning I read 1984 by George Orwell which was not particularly upbeat and I can safely say that I will not be reading the 'full version' in the future.
Next is My Family and other Animals by Gerald Durrell which I have read the proper version of in the past but need something to cheer me up after 1984.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Paperback v Kindle race by T1 & T2

My two sons, T1 who is 20 and T2 who is 17 are having a race / competition to read the same book at the same time. The book is A Game of Thrones - I've never heard of it but it was recommended by a friend of T1. They sometimes read the same sort of books if it is something fairly generic like Agatha Christies but then T2 goes off on a tangent to read Wilkie Collins or some other 'interesting' novel. He is still plodding his way through Clarissa! T1 reads science books or humorous comedies.
Anyhow the race or competition is because T1 thinks it is much better to read books on the Kindle.
T2 is sticking to his guns with the paper copy as he likes the feel of the book and wants more for his money i.e. content plus an artefact.
So far the advantages of the Kindle version are that 'I didn't have to move off the settee to buy it or download it' and I can make the text bigger. The advantages of the paperback book are that you can flick backwards and forwards more easily to look at the maps and details at the front of the book.
To be continued as they read on......

Book Club books for the summer

For our Book Club we usually choose three books to read over the summer rather than two. We don't meet over the summer as it is usually too difficult to find a date to fit with everyone's summer holidays and family commitments. We do see each other at other events so it is not too bad.
The books we have chosen are

Lionel Shriver - We need to talk about Kevin
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother - Amy Chua

which are both coincidently about mothers.

I wanted to read something English and 20th century so The End of the Affair - Graham Greene was suggested.

The first two books I'm reading as paper copies as they are being passed round.
The Graham Greene one I've downloaded onto my Kindle.

I've read the Tiger Mother one so far - quick and easy to read and fascinating. It was very enjoyable and I would recommend it.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Clayport library Durham

Clayport library is the main library in Durham and it is situated opposite the Gala theatre in Millenium Place. It is a newish building on three floors. We walk past it quite often as it's between the carpark and the shops. There is always a lot going on - children's activities and I think it was an embroidery group today.
The staff are always very helpful and there is a good selection of books for all ages. The first floor is reference (I think although I've not used it) and the lower ground the media and computer resources.

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