Friday, 18 November 2011

Stockton Library

Yesterday I went to Stockton Library as I heard that they have refurbished the main library.

On the ground floor you go straight into the main library

It in corporates the children's section too

Upstairs is a cafe and comfy seating

and the reference library

As I was walking round having a look and taking a few discrete photos, two ladies came up to me and asked who I was and where was I from. I explained and said that I'd made sure that the photos I'd taken hadn't included people etc. They worked there but I'm not sure if they were librarians or worked for the council as the council offices and customer services are within the library. They were really nice and when I said I used to use the library when I was a child they showed me some photos of when it was first built.

It was in the 70s that I would have been using it - I remember the children's library which seemed really big and was upstairs separate from the adult library and definitely separate from the reference library which I never set foot in. I loved the children's library and spent hours browsing and choosing books. I used to go with my sister and friends after going to the swimming baths across the road. Sometimes I went with my Dad and we could go and choose books then wait for him in the entrance foyer which was marvelous as it had a cafe, toilets and a pond with goldfish which is still there.

It's a great library - vibrant, colorful and interesting.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Pepys Library Cambridge

The Pepys Library has been on my list of 'University Libraries to break into' for a couple of years now. It is only open for an hour some days so it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. So on Saturday afternoon I persuaded Joe (my son) that we should go and have a look. He is fairly long suffering about looking in old libraries as long as it only takes 15 mins max.
It was one of the fustiest libraries I've ever been in - basically one big room with glass cases of books. I liked the fact they are arranged by size - that appeals. I didn't know that Samuel Pepys diary was written in a short of short hand - that was interesting to see. There was also some books and illustrations about boats and ships. We bought 3 postcards for which you had to leave the right money on an old china plate not give to the librarian.

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