Sunday, 6 February 2011

My library tour for #savelibraries

Saturday 5th of February was National Save Libraries Day. There were various events across the country to protest against the planned closures of libraries as part of the government spending cuts.
As there weren't any particular events in this area, the closest being Great Ayton or in N Yorkshire, I decided to do a quick tour of libraries nearby and take books out from each.
First I went to my local library in Sedgefield - it was fairly busy as usual with a few people coming and going getting books and the computers all taken. There are a lot of people who use it on a regular weekly basis. The librarians / assistants are quite friendly, most have been there a long time but they're also quite strict and tell people off. Eg there was a boy who wanted a cut out cardboard sheet to make a dalek from the box on the counter - but oh no, those are for half term & not before. Also I've tried to get fines waived before for son being away at Uni but to no avail. But they are efficient & popular with most users.
Next I went to Bowburn - nice and cheery library - friendly staff. Not very busy but some children and parents were in and it had lots of good books and good atmosphere.
Next to Ferryhill library - it's on the main street and well stocked. The staff looked at me a bit suspiciously but I didn't want to say I was doing a mini tour of libraries for save libraries day in case they thought I was weird. I didn't see any information or details in any of the libraries about the #savelibraries. Got two books out. It's very useful to be able to use the same card across all Durham county libraries. Usually I go to Sedgefield or Clayport library in Durham which is really great.
My last stop was Chilton library - looks grotty from outside but nice inside. Again, lots of good books, only two computers, friendly & efficient staff, got two books out.
I enjoyed my tour and was glad that I did something to support the cause. It would be incredibly sad if you couldn't just walk into a library and enjoy all those wonderful books. Without reading, life wouldn't be worth living.

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